Tuxedo Dress

Tuxedo dress is meant for formal gatherings and social evenings.

History of tuxedo dress:
Earlier in Victorian era men of upper class wore tail coats in formal gatherings. They wore matching trousers, bow or tie, black or white waist coat, formal black shoes and formal white wing collar shirt. In Edwardian era tuxedo took the place of tail coats. The black and white dress code became very famous in intimate dinners and social parties with friends. In 1940’s in Unites States tuxedo dress was worn in semi formal gatherings. Even in middle class it became very popular as it was rented widely by them.

Tuxedo Dress
Tuxedo dress for men comprises of:
Black dinner jacket- It is a single breasted dinner jacket in deep blue or black. It is generally made of wool or polyester. Double breasted jackets are less common. There are two types of lapels one is peak lapel tailcoat and the other is shawl collar in dinner jacket. Recently notched lapel became popular. Single breasted jacket is more traditional and more formal. Tuxedos are generally single breasted jackets. During warm climate white dinner jackets are also worn. They have self faced lapels and are off white in color. Same types of accessories and shirts are worn with them. The cummerbund or turn down collar is usually seen. In white dinner jackets shawl lapel is more commonly seen. It is not appropriate for men to take off their jackets during social gatherings.
Trousers: In black tie trousers turn ups and belt loops are absent. The outer seam is done traditionally with a single silk braid. The trousers are held by the suspenders. The waistcoat hides the suspenders.
Black tie.
Contrasting lapels.
White shirt with turned down collar- it is generally a cotton or linen white or off white shirt. It can have a stiff front, or can be plain or pleated. Detachable collars are also very common in stiff shirts. Matching cuff links and stud shirts are worn with it. The buttons visible are generally of mother of pearl. The links and studs are in gold or silver setting mostly in geometrical setting.
Waistcoat- under a single breasted coat a waistcoat is worn. It is generally low cut. The traditional models have a V or U shaped shawl lapels. They can be either single or double breasted. It may be fully backed or backless. Single breasted generally have three buttons while double breasted models have ones three to four rows. During summers or informal gatherings cummerbund can be worn with its pleats facing upwards and is generally maroon in color. With double breasted jacket it is generally not worn. The waist of the trouser is not exposed as the jacket is never unbuttoned.
Footwear- Leather court shoes are the most traditional and formal shoes. They are decorated with grosgrain bows. Generally worn with knee length silk black socks.
Accessories like handkerchief, time piece, outer wear, hat, boutonniere and decorations.
Tuxedo dress for women vary from occasion to occasion like long evening gowns, cocktail dress or knee length evening dress.


Create style and class with Tuxedo dress

The English term Tuxedo is a jacket or suit that is designed specially to wear during the last supper of the day. This tuxedo is commonly black in color and is usually worn with a formal pair of shoes, preferably white shirt .Even the accessories worn with a Tuxedo dress should not be very glossy. … Continue reading